What We Do

The following is a list of the specific types of activities conducted by Conservation Outcomes in assisting to establish and manage sites for biodiversity conservation

Site establishment and post-declaration support

• Conservation and protected area design, planning and establishment.
• Development of management plans for conservation and protected areas.
• Completion of contractual agreements as part of the biodiversity stewardship process.
• Development of annual plans of operation.
• Implementation of management effectiveness assessments using tools such as the IUCN Management Effectiveness Tracking Tool.
• Integrating ecological imperatives into planning and management (e.g. fire management, invasive alien plant control, land rehabilitation, management of game species mix and numbers, livestock management and adoption of carrying capacities).
• Integrating operational management imperatives into planning and management (e.g. legal compliance and law enforcement, community engagement, tourism development and hunting, and infrastructure maintenance).
• Development of sound management structures (legal entities) to ensure appropriate protected area management.

Support in developing opportunities associated with the biodiversity-based economy

• Tourism.
• Hunting.
• Livestock farming.
• Harvesting and processing of venison.
• Ecological restoration.
• Natural resource management.
• Ecosystem goods and services.

Ecological advice and support

• Biodiversity and grazing monitoring.
• Rangeland assessments.
• Ecological support to sites.
• GIS and mapping support.
• Auditing – e.g. beef and venison certification.